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We believes that design is primarily the evolution of an idea. Our professionalism in practice has ensured that our passion towards every project irrespective of its scale, either a small house or a township is the same. We employ our expertise to shape your dreams. Excellence in execution and implementation is the essence of our success.


STUDIO F3 (FORM-FUNCTION-FEELINGS) is a sister concern of VAASTUKALA FOUNDATION, Leading by RUPINDER KAUR. Studio F3 works for a range of interior projects from simple residences to exuberant corporate offices. We designing smooth and comfortable spaces incorporating contemporary lifestyles. We designs within budgetary constraints with innovative use of various materials to bring maximum value for money to the client.


The Stepping to asses a project is by the means of space around it. A Space needs to get along with the FURNITURE that circumscribes it. While Designing Interiors and its Details, We enhance the space through Customize Furniture. We do detailing of Furniture, which can easily be making at site.

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