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VAASTUKALA FOUNDATION, established in 2008 as one of the leading Architecture firm in Haryana. At Vaastukala, we understand that we are working in an environment with limited resources. Hence, design is viewed as a process that is a resultant of climatic как найти удаленную работу conditions, financial and market forces, globalization, local conditions, prevalent traditions and technologies, and the community.

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Excellence in design is achieved through constant innovation by a continuous process of design appraisal of our own work at every stage. Collaboratively and objectively done, this provides the opportunity to question and invent new paradigms and scheme in design. Clients and our team are an important part of the design process and we believe that a great design emerges only through an exchange of ideas.


Ar. Bhupinder Singh and Rupinder Kaur, is the Founder of the Company.
VAASTUKALA FOUNDATION is a fully integrated architectural firm. The firm reflects exploration and response to the client’s need.
Architectural practice adopts an innovative design approach for all projects, to make building technically smart, the professional emphasis is placed on visual & functional elements of design, to create a building that are both aesthetically pleasing and sympathetic to the environment.
The reputation of excellence is built on a foundation of superior resources and capabilities of its staff members. Experiences of the firm include Commercial and Residential Developments, Office Buildings, Health Care Facilities and variety of Projects fall under the firm’s profile.



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